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Reclamation Example: From a Tailings Pond to a Trout Pond

1 Dec 2016 Trojan Pond at our Highland Valley Copper Operations near Kamloops B.C. was once a working tailings pond. Through the work of our

microbiology of oil sands tailings: past present future FEMS

9 Mar 2017 2015 ; and potential groundwater contamination beneath tailings ponds Holden Donahue and Ulrich 2011 . Legacy issues affecting reclamation

reclamation of tailings ponds - American Society of Mining and

8 Jun 2012 Results of the evaluation of the potentiometric surface data for varying depths within each tailings pond indi e that while both tailings ponds


significant benefits such as: accelerating reclamation reducing the need for more tailings ponds and reducing the existing inventory of MFT. Suncor began

Suncor trumpets tailings pond reclamation CBC News - CBC.ca

23 Sep 2010 Suncor Energy calls its reclamation of a 43-year-old tailings pond & 39;an industry milestone.& 39; CBC Lee Foote a wetlands ecologist at the

Detoxifi ion and reclamation of Suncor& 39;s oil sand tailings

Abstract Suncor Inc. operates an oil sands mining and extraction plant in northern Alberta and uses tailings ponds for disposal of waste tailings sludge and for

New rules state Alberta tailings ponds must be reclaimed after

14 Jul 2016 FILE -- Tailings drain into a pond at the Syncrude oilsands mine of new and existing tailings through progressive reclamation providing

Oilsands Tailing Ponds Ticking Time Bomb for Canadians

15 May 2018 granted by the Alberta government regarding the ballooning liability from their oilsands tailing ponds and related reclamation requirements.

Tailings Reclamation Syncrude

Tailings Reclamation. We believe our multi-pronged approach to tailings management will enable us to meet the long-term intent

Showdown looming for Alberta& 39;s oilsands over cleanup of

30 Mar 2017 A tailings pond near the Syncrude tar sands operations near Fort Estimates for full reclamation range from 15 years to more than 70 years.

A Protocol for Reclaiming In-Pit Tailings Ponds to Exceed

protocol for the design operation and reclamation of in-pit tailings ponds for open pit sand mines in warm dry climates. This protocol is designed to help meet or

Oil Sands Reclamation: 20 Photos of Reclaimed Oil Sands

19 Aug 2019 One of the ways these groups smear the industry is by using pictures of open pit mines and tailings ponds in various blogs and articles giving

Methods for managing Tailings - Open Government Program

In oil sands mining tailings are what remain after the kilometres of oil sands tailings ponds water in. Alberta. continue to improve the effective reclamation of.

Oil sands tailings ponds Canada - Wikipedia

"The volume of fluid tailings and the area required to hold fluid tailings continued to grow and the reclamation of tailings

Tailings Pond - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

Tailings ponds contain materials rich in Fe-oxyhydroxides sulfides sulfates and metals mainly Cd Pb and Zn . From: Assessment Restoration and Reclamation

Managing Tailings - Canadian Natural Resources

Increase in fines capture reducing tailings pond size and accelerating reclamation. Increase in water recycling - CO2 sequestration and tailings technologies

Companies could be allowed to release treated tailings pond

1 Feb 2020 Syncrude Canada& 39;s base plant lo ed north of Fort McMurray reflected in an ongoing reclamation project of a tailings pond on Sunday Aug.

DEQ Montana Resources differ on tailings pond reclamation

17 Apr 2019 The state wants Montana Resources to shorten the length of time it will take the company to reclaim Yankee Doodle Tailings Pond but the

Alberta Energy Regulator OKs Suncor& 39;s plan for managing

26 Oct 2017 Scarecrows float in a Suncor oil sands tailings pond in Fort McMurray It also proposes a reclamation timeline which will require some sort of

Canada& 39;s oil sands tailings reclamation - Shareholder

decisions the question of tailings pond safety and prospects for effective reclamation is once again on investors& 39; radar. Since oil sands mining operations.

PDF Reclamation of Mine Tailings - ResearchGate

27 Jun 2016 These processes add to the potential reclamation difficulties at these sites. Chemicals reaching tailings ponds may undergo further reaction

Oil Sands : Tailings Management Natural Resources Canada

7 Jul 2016 The future of tailings: smaller ponds and faster reclamation times. Technical processes that increase water recovery and promote quicker drying

Reclamation of Tailings Pond 1 - Suncor Energy

8 Jun 2010 Suncor employees share their experiences and the process for reclaiming Pond 1 Suncor& 39;s first tailings pond. Learn more about our tailings

Wapisiw Lookout Reclamation – Land Suncor

Wapisiw Lookout Reclamation. Suncor is the first oil sands company to reclaim a tailings pond to a trafficable surface able to support the weight of vehicles.

Tailings Pond Reclamation: Are Oil and Gas Companies

18 Jan 2017 Oil sands operators say they& 39;ve made the reclamation of tailings ponds a key tenet of their social responsibility mandate. Others are skeptical.

Oilsands tailing ponds are a nasty challenge that can& 39;t be

27 Apr 2018 To the contrary in the past 10 years tailings ponds nearly doubled in after their mines close and revenues to fund reclamation have ceased.

Tailings Ponds 101 Oil Sands Magazine

25 Feb 2016 Tailings ponds are massive earth structures used to store coarse and to trap large volumes of water making pond reclamation challenging at

Tailings ponds a critical part of Alberta& 39;s oilsands legacy

28 Sep 2017 Syncrude workers in a recovery boat patrol a tailings pond north of Fort last year requires tailings ponds to be ready for reclamation 10 years

What the first reclaimed oilsands tailings pond looks like

25 Oct 2017 It was in fact the first tailings pond in the industry opened along . . . “Once surface reclamation is complete this 220-hectare area will be

Alberta& 39;s tailings ponds - Environmental Defence

companies have demonstrably effective reclamation technologies and enforceable plans to rapidly reduce tailings pond volumes. The laxity of the existing.

Tailings ponds: The worst is yet to come Blog Posts

10 Oct 2017 Tailings ponds: The worst is yet to comeOilsands at 50 Series – The Real it is impossible to dewater the waste for timely reclamation without

What you need to know about Tailings Ponds OUR GREAT

4 Jun 2013 The issue of tailings ponds reclamation has been another controversial issue in the headlines. To date only one tailings pond has been

New technique could help decontaminate oilsands process

29 Oct 2019 “This water will never be safe if it& 39;s simply left in tailing ponds so our job approaches—such as Suncor& 39;s Pit Lake Reclamation system—with

Oil sands land reclamation - Energy Edu ion

4 Jan 2019 Remediation of tailings ponds is an important but challenging part of the reclamation process. Reclamation for an in situ well is much more

What Are Tailings Ponds? Environmental Impact Alberta Oil

14 Apr 2020 Tailing ponds enable water to separate from sand clay and bitumen for Reclamation of the industry& 39;s first tailings pond Suncor& 39;s Pond One

Alberta& 39;s tailings ponds - NRDC

companies have demonstrably effective reclamation technologies and enforceable plans to rapidly reduce tailings pond volumes. The laxity of the existing.

Settling the tailings pond question

16 Nov 2017 What to do with tailings ponds from oil sands mining operations has long The solids are transported to a dedi ed area for land reclamation.

Study on land reclamation of soil dump and tailing pond in

After the tailings pond closed the water evaporation and dries up in tailing pond if not reclamation timely a serious sand storm would be produced in windy

Interaction of oil sands tailings particles with polymers and

The mature fine tailings MFT in these ponds are operationally defined as particles with polymers and microbial cells: First steps toward reclamation to soil.

Suncor TROTM Speeds Reclamation of Existing Tailings Ponds

Oil sands mines produce tailings that are a mixture of water clay sand and residual bitumen produced during the extraction process. Tailings are transported by

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