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Developing clear and high perfume oil surfactant formulations

Figure 1 Thickening Surfactant Formulation by Changing Micellar Packing the head groups of primary anionic surfactants have an effective head group area

Natural-Based Thickeners Prospector Knowledge Center

4 Mar 2016 All natural aqueous-based polymeric thickeners are derived from polysaccharides with the most common being It is an anionic polymer produced by reacting alkali cellulose with chloroacetic acid. It forms clear solutions.

Sulfate-free cleansing composition with thickener - Justia

7 Aug 2018 However sulfate-free cleansers are difficult to thicken sufficiently to afford the a from about 3% to about 14% by weight of at least one anionic surfactant that The resulting compositions were either clear or adjusted to be

Carbopol Aqua CC Polymer: The Premier Cationic

Typical anionic thickeners may not be well suited in a low pH or ionic containing This makes it ideal for use in clear conditioning shampoos bath gels facial frequently anionic in charge and hence are typically incompatible with ionic

anionic surfactant - Linguee

Many translated example sentences containing "anionic surfactant" excellent thickener and light gellant for systems containing electrolytes anionic and amphoteric This clear shampoo demonstrates the compatibility and flowable rheology

Thickening Challenging Surfactant Systems

8 Mar 2010 Clearing “zombie cells” in the skin — Mibelle AG Biochemistry formulations containing anionic nonionic and zwitterionic surfactants.

Acusol 823 -- Technical Data Sheet

ACUSOL 823 is an anionic associative thickener containing hydrophobic groups which are capable of forming Gives crystal clear gels or solutions.


RESOURCE THICKENUP Clear is an innovative xanthan gum-based instant food and drink thickener. Product Features. Designed to be added to hot or cold

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clear anionic thickener manufacturercheap